About the Client Quick Manager

 CQM - Client Quick Manager - is the next generation Client Management System.
No more notes, post-its or paper-clips. No more waste of time caused by the long time spent on looking through hundreds or thousands of papers and documents.

Client Quick Manager can help your client management needs with it's simple and user-friendly interface, and makes an immediate return on investment (ROI) by saving you precious time and helping keep your customers data organized and easy to manage.



  • There are two different client types and 4 different user types. Policy-based rights management is already implemented and preconfigured, so you don't need to spend time on configuring each user's access rights.
  • Powerful organizer, task-planer and calendar functions with according management tools.
  • Easily assign clients to one of your users. Give tasks or have memo's - each with three priority levels. The calendar let's you have great overview on your business schedule, keeping you up-to-date with the most important company issues and appointments.
  • Modern and fast, but very easy-to-use and self-explainatory user interface.
  • Expanded, table-like customer overview, with preview of the most important information. Client-per-page selector, so you can see as many clients per page as you want, to have an optimal overview.
  • Built-in CSV import, so you spend less time importing existing clients.
  • The CQM is intended for an easy network use. Once installed, any assigned co-worker or employee can have the desired access to his own customers.
  • Many optional, advanced addon's available soon!

Test Client Cuick manager Software See the Client Quick Manager in action!



  • Easy and fast installation (usually around 2 minutes)! Only one installation needed (on the server machine)! No installation on your employees, co-workers end needed. It can be used with any current web-browser!
  • The program works on any Microsoft Windows (even XP and Vista), Linux or Apple computer that has a webserver service running, or it can be set up in a remote location (for example on your webhosting account), so you can access it easily from anywhere in the world.
  • Access to the Client Quick Manager can be made from any current browser and operating system.
  • No big installation files, minimum disk-space required: the current CQM version is under 500 kb! In addition to that, the server and database load is very low,
  • Easily import clients. Preconfigured CSV file can be downloaded from inside the program, can be filled out and imported, saving you precious time!

Test Client Cuick manager Software Take a test-drive of Client Quick Manger now!



  • 13.11.2007 - Waiting is over! After exhaustive testing and bug-fixing, we are happy to announce the launch of the new Client Quick Manager - CQM v2.0 !
    Test Client Cuick manager Software Go to the demo page to see the new and improved Client Quick Manager !
  • 12.11.2007 - The client-manager.eu site goes web 2.0! We now offer a more visually pleasing and faster-moving user interface. This action is part of our new CQM launch campaign and is meant to celebrate the version 2.0 milestone which is due to be released in a few days.
  • 24.10.2007 - We are happy to announce that the new and improved version of Client Quick Manager (v2.0) is nearly finished! We don't have a certain release date, however the new version is undergoing its final testing period.
  • 10.10.2007 - As announced, we are developing a new version of CQM, which will be available in the beginning of November.
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